Carbon black is an amorphous form of carbon, mainly used as a reinforcement pigment for automotive tyres. It is distributed in powder or in pellets.

It has a unique property of limiting the production of heat in the tyre treads thus reducing thermal damage and increasing service life. Carbon black is also used as reinforcement and pigment in rubber and plastic products and as a base compound for combustion and oxidation experiments of flammable liquids such as diesel. Ravenna and Italy are home for the leading manufacturers of carbon black.

This chemical is usually transported:
• IN BULKS – C.L.T. has over 200 bulk tanks (tanks with gravity unloading) used exclusively for delivering carbon black to the end customer
IN SACKS on pallets

C.L.T. is specialised in the transport of carbon black in bulk all throughout Europe.

Our company has a fleet of semi-bulk tanks exclusively for this product to meet the customers’ demand. Our bulk trailers are built according to a custom designed project which aims to reduce weight and increase the cargo capacity.

The fleet and expertise of our staff support the creation of a global network, which covers traffic flows in all Europe, even all over Italy.

C.L.T. offers its over thirty years’ experience and its expertise for a complete, customized service in accordance with international Quality and Safety standards.

CLT aims to offer a high quality service as expected from a reliable, competitive and specialized partner.

A specialized department – engaged in Carbon Black transport management and planning – ensures a fleet permanent monitoring and a punctual delivery through a steady coordination with the internal garage, to fulfill maintenance interventions.