The Unit Load Containers are typical for the Intermodal Transportation, which provides the possibility of transferring the goods from one type of carrier to another, without having to restore them. Containers, normally made of steel, are constructed in a way which permits the load weight transfer from the floor , the walls and from the cover to the supporting structure, guaranteeing the protection of the goods contained therein.

The most common external dimensions are:
• 40 feet and 40 feet High Cube (m.12/19 long and m.2,43/2,50 wide)
• 20 feet (m.6.09 long and m.2.43 wide).

The external height standard measure is m.2,591.

CLT regularly conducts transport of containers to and from major ports and terminals, providing suitable semi-trailers for this specific activity and making its expertise available to deliver a complete and total safety service.