CLT has a modern fleet, with over 500 vehicles, all environmentally friendly and constantly monitored, subject to planned maintenance and steadily upgraded to reduce pollution and fuel consumption, at the same time increasing road safety.

In fact, thanks to the internal workshop, CLT carries out constant maintenance and checks on the vehicles, keeping the entire fleet efficient with the aim of minimizing malfunctions.

The management of this capillary network also provides the possibility of receiving assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, helping to guarantee on-time delivery, limit atmospheric  emissions and lower fuel consumption, at the same time increasing road safety.


CLT’s policy provides for a fleet of tractors of the same brand for optimizing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, ensuring prompt interventions and timely deliveries.

Our partnership with the DAF ITS assistance network allows us to ensure customers that, even in cases of serious breakdowns, the vehicle will be ready to leave again in maximum 24 hours and deliver the goods to their destination.

trasporto del nero di carbonio - low tilt carbon black

C.L.T. has a fleet of bulk semi-trailers exclusively meant for the transport of CarbonBlack in BULK.

Bulk trailers, tanks with gravity unloading, are built according to a CLT design with the aim of reducing weight, increasing load capacity and reducing residues  from unloading.

The types of bulk trailers employed, according to the needs of the customer, are:

Bottom Discharge (Fixed tanks): with aluminum structure, hopper and steel valves, which ensure thorough cleaning and durability.

Low tilt (dump): all aluminum. With one or two compartments. The data analysis for continuous improvement have led to adopt an oval structure ensuring no product residue, leading to zero the risk of pollution.

Load capacity: 83 cubic meters
A department specialized in unpacked Carbon Black transport coordinates with CLT’s internal workshop to perform scheduled maintenance every six months, ensuring a constant monitoring of transport and on-time delivery.


Our Tautliner trailers – curtained-sided vehicles – are equipped with facilities that enable the loading of different types of goods and packages:

– Sides
– Taut liners
– Cradles for loading coils
– 12 straps 500 DNA

These vehicles allow transportation of Carbon Black and Activated Carbon in big bags and in sacks on pallets. The vehicles and equipment are authorized to hazardous and non-hazardous waste transport and are compliant with ADR regulations.


Our open semi-trailers are equipped with facilities that enable the loading of different types of goods and packages:

– Sides
– Twist locks for containers
– Stakes (for pipe shipment, as an instance)
– Cradles for loading coils

Our flat bed and step deck trailers are suitable for transporting products and equipment for the oil and gas industry, thanks to proper facilities for each type of material and full equipment for anchoring the loads in line with European standards (OGP Land transportation safety recommended practice).


The transport of unpacked Activated Carbons is carried out by stainless steel 316 silos, equipped with loading and unloading hydro-pneumatic system and suitable for dangerous wastes.

This type of semi-trailer fits with all the necessary equipment to load/unload activated carbon powder or granular.


CLT’s flatbeds for containers are all equipped with Twist Locks, a system which allows securing the containers to the trailer, ensuring quality during each phase of the service which is carried out in complete safety.

flotta ribassati

Our Gooseneck  semi-trailers (low body) allow the transport of loads with a height up to 3.10/3.20 metres.